HG’s Head of Professional Advancement and Governance, Claire Slade, talks to Optometry Today

Claire Slade has used reflective learning throughout her career to help her achieve her ambitions and goals.

She emphasised: “It’s really important that people take the time to think about their education and use all of the brilliant resources that we have across our industry to really move forward.”

Slade describes reflective learning a “perpetual cycle” and encourages practitioners to set time aside to check in with themselves and their plan; review what they have and have not achieved, and plan for the next steps.

The optometrist acknowledged that during busy periods, it can feel “quite self-indulgent” to take time out to reflect, but highlighted: “If you want to have a fulfilling career and get the best out of it… it’s really important that you sit and take that time.”

Watch the full interview here: https://www.aop.org.uk/ot/in-practice/career-development/2021/11/08/getting-the-most-out-of-reflective-learning

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